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Main missions

By | | Published: 2014-06-24 15:56

    1.To participate in international organizations and inter-organizational communication activities and implement of projects on behalf of China, to organize the relevant foreign economies and logistics activities.

    2.To report enterprise wishes and reasonable demands to the relevant government departments, accept commission involving in the coordination between industries in economy, legal, dispute, provide legal advisory services, and maintenance legitimate rights and interests of enterprises for members.

    3.Approved or authorized by the government departments, to participate in constituting and amending the national and industry standards in logistics and circulation of commodities, to make the professional skills certification and quality certification, and constantly improve the industry standards of quality and work ethic.

    4.To organize and implement of industry research and statistics, make the proposal in industry planning, industrial policy, economic legislation, and participate in related activities.

    5.To train various professionals in different ways for enterprise; improve professional quality in the areas of logistics, procurement and distribution.

    6.To organize the research on theory and practice in modern logistics and economic theory, e-commerce, government and enterprise procurement; Organize national and regional exhibitions, commodity trading activities, improve logistics, procurement and distribution, use information technology to drive logistics, procurement and distribution of modernization.

    7.To launch market research, analysis of market situation; develop information resources, establish an information network for members; provide consult services and information for members, enterprises, and government departments.

    8.Approved by the relevant government departments, to host related industries newspapers, websites and digital media, the Yearbook, and publications.