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Main accomplishments

By | | Published: 2014-06-24 15:57

    1.Introduced of ITC, CPM, Germany In-Went projects, elected as president of the Asia-Pacific Region, vice president of IFPSM; vice chairman of APLF, participate in Northeast Asia Society (NASL).

    2.Instantly assisted to Chinese and foreign logistics enterprises and member companies to propose requirements for government policy, provide consultant services for TNT, and other famous foreign enterprises to enter China.

    3.By commissioned of relevant government departments established the standards of pallet, logistics and distribution industry, assessed of corporate accredit, and science and technology progress awards, selected demonstration and experimental base, and the model and advanced workers.

    4.Established China PMI. CFLP jointly with the China National Bureau of Statistics, since 2005 officially issued China manufacturing purchasing manager index (PMI), non-manufacturing PMI released in the December 18, 2007. Report trends of domestic logistics operation annual.

    5.Established certification of logistics professional and charter procurement professional in China, professional accredited of ITC procurement and supply chain management and US charter procurement Manager.

    6.Held large scale meetings every year, including Logistics Entrepreneur Annual Meeting, Logistics Academy Annual Meeting, China Logistics Experts Forum, and Logistics Summit; 2005 CFLP contracted “The 14th IFPSM World Conference."

    7.Professional Researched on Procurement. Surveyed on SCM of Chinese manufacturing; surveyed and researched on statue and policy development of Chinese enterprises procurement; investigated on bribery in procurement area.

    8.Built portal website- www.cflp.org.cn, set up the publication to issue China logistics and procurement magazine, China logistics newspapers and periodicals, the publication of China logistics Yearbook, China Logistics Development Report.