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Member Services

By | | Published: 2014-06-24 15:32

    CFLP is a non-profit organization involving modern logistics, purchasing & distribution, production circulation, cross-department, cross-industry, cross-region and cross-ownership. The members are distributing in various provinces, cities and autonomous regions, belonging respectively to railway, transport, aviation, port, trade, postal services, warehousing, customs, chain, distribution, packaging, information and other logistics related industries; important manufacturing and retail, relevant associations, the army logistics, and equipment sectors, as well as an important scientific research, education, press organizations.

    CFLP is a family of members. We will strive to build CFLP into: the provider of industry economic information, the coordinator of competition and cooperation among enterprises, the defender of market order and the interests of enterprises, the proposal of industrial planning and policy, the promoter of institutional reform and opening-up , the service for enterprise reform and development. CFLP has gradually become a "service functional, managed and self-disciplined, talent composited, network serviced and modernized approached” modern industry association with a wide sociality, representative and impartiality.