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By | | Published: 2014-06-24 15:40

    Since 2001, CFLP has launched the China logistics education project. By the positive promotion of CFLP, the Logistics Industry Undergraduate Education Committee of the Ministry of Education and the secretariat of Secondary Education Teaching Committee are located in CFLP. Up to 2007, There were totally 273 undergraduate colleges, more than 500 higher vocational schools and more than 1,000 secondary schools establishing the logistics subjects, the number of students are over 0.5 million. There were 50,200 people participating in the Wuliushi qualification training, 33,000 passing through the national exams, getting the qualification certificates of senior Wuliushi, Wuliushi or Assistant Wuliushi. CFLP cooperating with the UN and the ITC of WTO launched the " Purchasing & Supply Chain Management" certification programs, and introduced of the Charter Purchasing Managers (CPM) in the U.S., effectively improved the professional level of practitioners.