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Logistics Summer School

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Logistics Summer Schoolis organized byTeaching Committee of Education in Logistics (TCEL) and China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP). The Summer School annually offe
l          University application advising
l          Recommend to suitable company
training for Chinese BSC and Vocational school students in the field of Logistics. Lasting 2 weeks, in the month July or August each year.
Integrated Service Mode of CFLP
Teaching Committee of Education in Logistics (TCEL)
In Early 2006, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China(PRC) established the Teaching Committee of Education in Logistics (TCEL) which secretariat located in CFLP
TCEL is the academic experts organization under the Ministry of Education of PRC:
l         Carrying out teaching, research, and assessment related to logistics subjects of universities
l         Organizing and conducting theory and practice research in teaching field
l         Organizing teacher training, teaching seminars and information exchange, etc
l         Carrying out national student design competition, teaching seminars, and international activities
China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP)
CFLP, the first social organization of logistics industry in China, was established in Beijing and approved by the State Council. CFLP is Chinese representatives of the Asian-Pacific Logistics Federation (APLF) and the International Federation of Purchasing and Materials Management (IFPMM). CFLP has been developing international cooperation and successfully obtained German, Canadian and other countries’ government funding for the training programme. Such continuous effort and resulting success in logistics training have established CFLP as China’s top brand in this field.
Logistics Summer School
Kind of event:             The group shall attend a 14 days training in Germany, which consists of 2 days lectures,3 days excursion and student exchange program for a week,  sightseeing tours to get an insight of European culture and customs for the other week.
Language:                  English/ Chinese
Place:                         Germany
Germancontribution:Arrangement of the lectures, excursions and student exchange program.
Curriculum of 2 weeksSummerschool
week 1 - initiation
day 1-2
·         Welcome by implementor
·         Introduction of the program
·         Introduction of course rules
·         Introduction of facilities
·         Overall developments and concepts in Logistics
day 3-5
 1. duisport
2. logport
3. Factory Tour
(Rhenus, KN, Schenker or Nestle/Danone) (Duisburg)
Field Study: CargoCap GmbH (Bochum)
Field Study: DST - Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems (Duisburg)
Student exchange program
·         a.m: Evaluation
·         p.m.: Closing session and handover of certificates
week 2
day 1-6
sightseeing tours
day 7
Transfer to the Airport