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17th IFPMM Summer School call for papers

By | | Published: 2014-11-25 15:40

The IFPSM Summer School is organized with the aim to provide an opportunity of an intensive working together of talented young scholars from all around the world with some of the leading professors of the
field. So far we had 233 students from about 30 countries of Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. Eight volumes or CDs of the papers presented by student participants of the first 13 schools have been published by IFPSM.

All the sixteen schools were organised in Salzburg, which has proved to be an ideal location for the event.

The Summer School is intended:
• to help participants in defining relevant research topics and powerful methods;
• to provide a forum for talented young scholars from various regions of the world for exchanging ideas and establishing a research network;
• to promote the profession of purchasing and materials management by contributing to the creation of high standard dissertation of the participants.


Participants may come from any country of the world provided that they meet the following requirements. They must be
• enrolled   PhD,   postgraduate   (or   advanced   graduate)
students of an accredited institute of higher education;
• in the phase of writing a dissertation based on original research on purchasing or a closely related area (materials management, logistics, supply chain management, etc.);
• fluent in English and willing to take an active part in
discussions in that language;
• able to present a letter of recommendation from one regular faculty member of the institution they are enrolled in.
A strong preference will be given to those students who can present a paper for discussion at the summer school. The paper must be mailed to the School Secretariat (see address below) not later than June 1, 2012 . Keeping the deadline is
absolutely essential, since each paper will be sent to two discussants (one professor and one student), who will open the discussion after the presentation of the paper in Salzburg.

Applications should be sent to the IFPSM Summer School Secretariat and the national member associations of IFPSM in the country where the applicant is enrolled in school. (See the list of the
IFPSM member associations on the back cover.) Applications from those countries where such association does not exist can be sent to the School Secretariat only. The deadline for registration is May 1, 2012 .

Applications will be processed in the order of arrival and the first 20 applications  meeting the  above requirements  and considering the said preference will be accepted.

Professional program

The professional program starting on July 6, 2012 will consist of four elements:

1. Presentation and discussion of research subjects delivered by invited speakers. These sessions will be directed by internationally acknowledged scholars, who will present a topic from their own research field and discuss with the students possible approaches and methods to handle the subject. Invitations are in progress and a full list of speakers will be released in April.
For  your  information,  last  year  we  had  the  following speakers:

Alessandro Ancarani (University of Catania, I)
Giovanni Atti (ADACI, I)
Attila Chikán (Corvinus University of Budapest, H)
Charles Holden (IFPSM)
Richard Lamming (The University of Exeter Business School, UK)
Michiel R. Leenders (Richard Ivey School of Business, C)
John Ramsay (Staffordshire University, UK) Frank Rozemeijer (Maastricht University, NL) Helen Walker (Cardiff Business School, UK)

2. Presentation and discussion of research papers prepared by the school participants. Papers submitted will be distributed among participants and the discussions will be led by invited professors. The discussion of each student paper will be opened by two  invited discussants (one professor and one student). The main idea is that the students discuss the papers among each other.
3. Practitioners’ presentations of hot issues in purchasing and related management areas. These presentations shall be of orienting type and will be given by invited speakers.
4. There will be methodological discussions and group exercises in order to help the participants’ research and teaching skills.
5. We organize a roundtable discussion on a hot topic in purchasing and supply management practice. The subject of the discussion will be suggested by the Research Committee of IFPSM and  one  of  the Committee’s members will serve as moderator.

The venue of the school

Internationales Kolleg of the University of Salzburg
A-5020 Salzburg, Billrothstr. 10-18., Austria Tel.: +43 (662) 93030-0
Fax: +43 (662) 93030-77
www.guesthouse.at www.studentenheim.at
Email: office@sstw.at , office@guesthouse.at

The guesthouse is situated in the south part of Salzburg, 10 minutes from the city centre.
Participation fee

The IFPSM is the main sponsor of the project,  but contribution is expected from other organizations as well. This assistance makes it possible that the participants have to pay a relatively low, all-inclusive participation fee:
EUR 690 (+VAT*).

*According to the European VAT directive, if the participant is a taxable person, it accounts for any VAT arising. Otherwise Hungarian VAT will be added.

The fee includes accommodation (in single rooms with shower), three meals a day (starting with a dinner on Thursday, July 5, ending with lunch on Tuesday, July 10), refreshments and all materials. Travel, extra nights and extra costs for a double room must be arranged and paid for individually.
This fee should paid to the bank account of HALPIM free of bank charges before June 1, 2012.
Account details:
Account holder: MLBKT/HALPIM
IBAN: HU09 1020 1006 6015 2581 0000 0000
K&H Bank Nyrt. (Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank Nyrt.)
Address: H-1051, Budapest, Vigadó tér 1. BIC or SWIFT: OKHB HUHB
In exceptional cases, applicants can apply for a reduced participation fee. This application should be sent both to the national member association and the School Secretariat.


Two institutions offer bursaries for students who wish to participate in the IFPSM summer school. Please contact them directly for further details:

Institute for Supply Management (ISM)
For Ph.D. students attending a U.S. accredited institute of higher learning.
Contact: Dr. Phillip Carter, Professor of Supply Chain Management; Harold E. Fearon Chair in Purchasing, W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

Email: pcarter@capsresearch.org
Deadline for submitting applications: March 31, 2012

International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association (IPSERA)
For PhD students in the Purchasing and Supply field from any country.
Contact: Professor Helen Walker, Professor in Supply Chain Management, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University

E-mail: WalkerHL@cardiff.ac.uk
Email Subject: FAO Helen Walker re IFPSM School

Deadline for submitting applications: March 31, 2012

Cancellation policy

Cancellations must be sent via e-mail or fax to the HALPIM Secretariat.
A full refund will be granted up to 60 days prior to the event (till May 3, 2012). EUR 50 processing fee will apply. Cancellations made 30-60 days prior to the event (from May 3 till June 3, 2012) will be subject to 30% cancellation fee.
For cancellations received between June 3 and June 15 50% of the fee can be refunded. No refunds can be made after June 15.

Social program

Salzburg is an attractive city, where there are a lot of events in summer. Details shall be provided to the applicants in due course.

Further information can be obtained from the School Secretariat, at the following address:

Professor Attila Chikán, Past President of IFPSM • c/o HALPIM Secretariat
Király u. 12., H-1061 Budapest, Hungary • Phone & Fax: +36 1 267 8740; +36 1 267 9619 E-mail: attila.chikan@logisztika.hu


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