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Introduction of 7th China Society of Logistics & China Logistics Academy Annual Conference

By | | Published: 2014-11-25 15:50

What is the content?
The China Logistics Academy Annual Conference established by CSL in 2002. It has been held for 6 times and regularly on second Saturday and Sunday of November annually. There are more than 500 participants each time; it is the most influential logistics academic conference in China. The contents include:
1) Analysis of development and situation of domestic and foreign logistics & supply chain;
2) Conclusion and arrangement the logistics academic research;
3) Selection and recognition of annual outstanding papers (selected and appraised around 100 papers from over 500 papers) and outstanding projects (established 128 research subjects in 2008), and outstanding special contributed researchers (already invited more than 100 researchers, including the most outstanding researchers in logistic sector);
4) Establishment of independent sub-forums by research institutions, enterprises and relevant organizations;
5) In-depth discussion of professional issues, denomination of "CLS Production & Study & Research Base";
6) Provision the Production & Study & Research communication platform for all aspects;
7) Invite renowned experts from home and abroad to speech in special subject.
Who will participate?
Speakers: 10 experts from home and abroad are invited to make speeches on development and policies on China economy, exchange the latest views of research and practice on domestic and international logistics and supply chain.
Participants: The scholars, researchers and experts from universities and academic institutions; the managers from key domestic and foreign logistics enterprises were invited to the meeting.
When will conference be held?
The 7th China Logistics Academy Annual Conference will be held on Saturday, 8th -9th November 2008, in Guilin, Guangxi Province. The NALS Conference (Northeast Asia Logistics Society) will be held on 7th -9th November 2008. The IFPSM Winter School (International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management) will be held on 8th -9th November 2008.
How to proceed?
This annual conference focuses on "production & study & research integration; domestic and international communication". The open ceremony, General Assembly will be held throughout the 8th of November, equipped with simultaneous interpretation. On the morning of second day, the NALS special conferences will be held in English. There will be several seminars and forums held by enterprises, colleges or research institutions, special researching on specific issues of logistics and supply chain.
About us
CSL (China Society of Logistics) is the most important organization under CFLP and the most authoritative logistics academic research organization in China. CSL is composed of teaching, research and management experts, academics, practitioners and volunteers in logistics sector. CSL locates headquarter in Beijing and qualifies as juridical association.
CSL assumes the important functions  of academic research,  policy  advice,  personnel training, industry standards, planning advice, scientific and technological innovation, news publishing and foreign communication. In recent years, it has formed a number of regular "brand projects", including the China Logistics Academy Annual Conference, the China Logistics Experts Forum and other activities, and the publications of the China Logistics Development Report, the China Logistics Frontier Academy Report, China Logistics Key Projects Report and China Logistics Yearbook and other periodicals.

The 7th CSL Academy Conference Agenda



Friday 7th November

NALS Council Meeting(Interpretation)
3:00PM — 5:30PM Dan Gui Hotel
CSL Council Meeting*
8:30PM— 10:00PM Guilin Air Force Academy

Saturday 8th November

Plenary (Simultaneous Interpretation)  8:40am — 12:00am Guilin Air Force Academy
12:00am Guilin Air Force Academy
1:30pm — 6:00pm Guilin Air Force Academy

Sunday 9th November

Northeast Asia Logistics Seminar*(English) Other Seminars(Chinese)
8:00am — 11:00am Guilin Air Force Academy
Sightseeing in Lijiang River
1:00pm — 11:30pm

Monday 10th November

IFPSM Winter School*

*Please refer the specific agenda for NALS Conference and IFPSM Winter School.